Does He Jump?

February 11, 2006

A bit of fluff today, but after all, this is Vasten Void, and the product must be kept flowing.

Regarding Liberal Conservative MP David Emerson’s great Canadian floor-crossing crisis of 2006, I had conjectured in a comment on Andrew Coyne’s blog what the result would likely be. Namely, first a categorical denial on Emerson’s part that he would quit as a result of the public criticism over the situation (in an attempt to put an end to the story). And secondly, his actually quitting within one week of the denial (the possibility of running again in a by-election remaining open).

The first, and highly predictable, part of this conjecture has now come true. Emerson has flat-out denied that he will quit in an interview with CBC news on Friday, Feb 10. The crucial second half of the conjecture can now be refined into one of two possible forms. Strong form: Emerson quits by Friday, Feb 17. Weak form: He quits by Sunday, Feb 19.

The public “furor” over this matter has, certainly, been less than a firestorm. Yet it has persisted and drawn public criticism from over half a dozen of his Conservative co-MP’s. Will it all die out, perhaps being overshadowed by other Tory teething pains or gaffes? Will he quit in wimpy form after more than a week? Or does he Jump? This is what fine vastening is all about.

Go for it, David. JUMP! Not just because it’s the right thing to do, but if only to make my week.


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